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Best Pick-Up Laundry Services Near Park Slope, Brooklyn

9 Best Pick-Up Laundry Services Near Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY [Review]

There are multiple laundry services in Park Slope that can meet all your laundry needs. These laundry services provide everything from drop-off/pickup options all the way up to full washing/drying/folding service in this bustling neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Best Pick-Up Laundry Services Near Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY are available here in this booming neighborhood of New York State.

Best Pick-Up Laundry Services Near Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

1. Clean N Green Laundry

141 Reviews

Clean n Green Laundry of Park Slope in Brooklyn offers professional laundry services at environmentally-friendly rates for its customers.

The laundry offers a comprehensive array of services, from wash and fold, dry cleaning and commercial laundry services. 

Their wash and fold service is ideal for busy individuals without time to do their laundry themselves. Their convenient drop off service allows customers to bring in their laundry for washing, drying, folding, and pickup within 24/7 hours.

Their commercial laundry services provide regular support for businesses such as hotels, restaurants and healthcare facilities that need regular laundry services.

2. LaundryPickApp

67 Reviews

Laundry Pick App in Park Slope, Brooklyn offers a convenient and innovative solution for all of your laundry needs.

This service provides an efficient way to have all your laundry taken care of without needing to leave home offering services from basic laundry to dry cleaning at any time of day or night 24/7 access is provided for convenient service.

Laundry Pick App offers mobile app that you can simply download it on your mobile device, create an account, select the type of service needed and arrange a pickup time that best fits you.

Plus, the Laundry Pick App allows you to track its status from pickup through delivery so you always know where your clothes are.

3. Waverly Wu Laundry

169 Reviews

Waverly Wu Laundry in Park Slope, Brooklyn offers state-of-the-art laundry services to its clients, making sure their clothes are returned clean and in excellent condition.

They provides its customers with access to various washing machines and dryers, including large capacity machines capable of handling bulk loads of laundry. All machines are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure optimal efficiency.

They also offer convenient drop-off and pick-up services, making it simple for customers to get their laundry done without worry or inconvenience of washing and drying it themselves.

4. BK Laundry

14 Reviews

BK Laundry situated in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, is an outstanding laundromat that provides its customers with professional laundry washing and drying services at all times. Their modern facility ensures they always have access to clean clothes.

They equipped with high-quality washers and dryers that are both efficient yet gentle on clothing, customers can select from various machine sizes suited to meet their laundry needs.

Their drop-off laundry service where customers can drop off their laundry for washing, drying and folding by our staff perfect for busy individuals without time to do their own.

5. Prospect Laundromat

12 Reviews

Prospect Laundromat provides reliable laundromat services in Park Slope, Brooklyn serving all your laundry needs at one convenient location.

They offering a variety of sizes and models to meet your specific needs be it delicate items or large comforters means there is sure to be one machine perfect for you.

They offers much more than that they also provide drop-off and pick-up laundry services, making life much simpler. Simply drop off your dirty laundry and collect it later when it has been washed, dried, and folded.

6. Suds on 6th Ave. Laundromat

20 Reviews

Suds on 6th Ave Laundromat in Park Slope is an established facility boasting modern washers and dryers that has become a go-to spot for local residents in Brooklyn, NY.

This spacious laundromat offers residents in Park Slope a convenient laundry service option that keeps its facilities well-maintained, making it a top destination in Park Slope.

They offers an assortment of washing machines and dryers to meet the diverse needs of its customers, ranging from small machines for lighter loads to larger machines for bulkier items.

All machines are energy-efficient so customers can experience cost savings on their laundry bills.

7. Wish Wash Laundromat

12 Reviews

Wish Wash Laundromat offers cutting-edge equipment and exceptional customer service providing everything needed for all of your laundry needs in one convenient location in the heart of town.

You’ll find an assortment of washers and dryers from small to extra-large sizes to meet any laundry load imaginable. All machines are well-kept to ensure clothes come out looking their best.

They offers more than standard washers and dryers it also provides specialty machines like front-loading washers that are great for delicate fabrics as well as larger items like comforters or blankets.

8. Brooklyn Cleaner & Tailor

64 Reviews

Brooklyn Cleaner and Tailor is an established business located in Brooklyn, New York that provides various services such as dry cleaning, tailoring, alterations, and repairs.

It as a full-service dry cleaner, utilizes top-of-the-line equipment and high-grade cleaning agents to ensure clothes are cleaned thoroughly without damage to garments.

They more than dry cleaning their skilled tailors also specialize in tailoring and alteration services to help create clothing with the perfect fit.

9. 8th Green Cleaners

23 Reviews

8th Green Cleaners is a well-recognized cleaning service based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.

Their team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing superior cleaning services for their clients. Understanding each individual client has different cleaning requirements, they work closely with them to develop customized plans to fit these specific requirements.

Their products which are safe for both people and animals, so clients can rest easy knowing their homes or offices are being cleaned with products free from harsh chemicals.

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