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Best Laundry Services Near Me in Lynchburg

5 Best Laundry Services Near Me in Lynchburg, Virginia [Review]

Laundry can be an arduous daily task that many find tedious and time-consuming, especially for those with busy lives or no access to laundry facilities at home.

Virginia provides numerous laundry services that offer assistance ranging from traditional laundromats to more specialized options such as dry cleaning.

Here we explore some of the The Best Laundry Services Near Me in Lynchburg, Virginia and provide all of the information necessary for informed decision-making.

Best Laundry Services Near Me in Lynchburg, Virginia

1. Rustburg Laundry Land

2 Reviews

Rustburg Laundry Land is a go-to laundromat for both residents and visitors looking for clean and convenient laundry solutions.

They offers customers an expansive selection of washing machines and dryers that they can choose from to accommodate their laundry loads, with some machines capable of accommodating up to eight loads at the same time.

All machines are regularly maintained to ensure excellent working condition so customers can depend on them quickly getting their clothing clean and dry.

2. Lynchburg Oakley Ave Coin Laundry

12 Reviews

Lynchburg Oakley Ave Coin Laundry is an established laundry facility situated in Lynchburg, Virginia and provides reliable and efficient laundry service.

They provides convenient services that meet all of your laundry needs. There are countless washers and dryers to choose from so there won’t be a wait in line or trouble finding an available machine.

Their facility is kept in immaculate condition to provide you with a pleasant and hygienic environment to do your laundry in, while the staff take great pride in maintaining each machine and keeping them in optimal working order.

3. 185 Cleaners


185 Cleaners provide services that maintain clean spaces for both residential and commercial clients by keeping surfaces tidy, organized, and healthy.

No matter your cleaning needs whether they’re general housekeeping services, deep carpet or window washing or something more specific like window washing 185 Cleaners has a cleaning company for every task imaginable.

The cleaning company typically offer flexible scheduling options, enabling clients to pick the most convenient time and date for their appointment. They even provide same-day service if there are urgent cleaning needs.

4. Super Clean Coin Laundry & Car Wash

7 Reviews

Super Clean Coin Laundry and Car Wash offers reliable and convenient laundry and car washing at one convenient location. You’ll find an impressive variety of washing machines and dryers to meet all of your laundry needs.

All machines are well-maintained and regularly serviced so as to maintain peak operating condition throughout their use.

They not only offers washing machines and dryers, but they also feature vending machines with various laundry detergents, fabric softeners, snacks and refreshments to help pass the time while waiting for their laundry to finish take advantage of free Wi-Fi while you do it.

5. Lynchburg-Boonsboro Laundry Land

23 Reviews

Lynchburg Boonsboro Laundry Land is an established laundry service provider based out of Lynchburg, Virginia that offers a full selection of laundry services to meet customer demands. 

The laundry service provider uses cutting-edge equipment, such as high capacity washers and dryers, to ensure all laundry is thoroughly washed and dried.

In addition, their machines are energy efficient which is great news for environmentally aware customers. Finally, regular maintenance ensures all machines remain in good working order.

In addition, professional drop-off laundry services are also provided for those with limited time who would rather leave the laundry to professionals.

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