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Best Laundromat near North Hollywood

7 Best Laundromat Near North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

North Hollywood, an active neighborhood located at the center of Los Angeles in California. As either a resident or visitor, you may require access to a reliable laundromat for keeping your clothing clean and fresh.

Luckily, North Hollywood boasts numerous great options that cater to a range of needs and preferences, from coin-operated machines to full-service wash-and-fold options.

So let’s take a closer look at some of these Best Laundromat Near North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA that meet them all and see what each offers!

Best Laundromat Near North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

1. The Laundromat of North Hollywood

35 Reviews

The Laundromat is a favorite destination among local residents and visitors looking for reliable and efficient laundry service.

Conveniently located at the heart of North Hollywood, this laundromat provides high-quality machines and services to guarantee a hassle-free laundry experience.

As customers enter a laundromat, they are welcomed by a spacious and bright atmosphere filled with state-of-the-art machines ranging from large capacity washers and dryers to delicate fabric equipment.

This facility caters to customers of various ages with different laundry loads by offering different sized machines that suit individual preferences.

2. Laundry King

11 Reviews

Laundry King is an established laundromat located in North Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, that has long been serving its community with top-tier laundry services.

They offers comprehensive laundromat services designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Equipped with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers capable of processing small loads to bulkier items like comforters and curtains.

Laundry King offers drop-off and pick-up laundry services to those without the time or resources to do their own laundry themselves.

Their staff of trained experts take great care in washing and drying every load precisely according to our high standards, guaranteeing its integrity in return.

3. Laundry Love Coin Laundry

73 Reviews

Laundry Love Coin Laundry is a go-to spot for residents in need of reliable and efficient laundry service. Offering superior machines at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service, It has quickly become a local favorite.

They stands out from its competition through its diverse range of washing and drying machines, which span from small loads to larger loads making it easier for customers to find what best fits their laundry needs.

4. North Hollywood Coin Laundry

70 Reviews

North Hollywood Coin Laundry is a modern and convenient self-service laundromat located in North Hollywood, California. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, they provide laundry services tailored to meet both residential and commercial customers’ needs.

They provides customers with convenient laundry services 24/7 days a week from early morning until late at night.

Providing customers with ample parking and a pleasant and stress-free environment to complete their laundry tasks.

They features top-of-the-line laundry equipment, featuring washers and dryers of various sizes designed to accommodate different loads of laundry.

Customers can select a machine tailored to meet their particular laundry needs whether that be small loads of clothing or large comforters.

5. Magnolia Coin Laundry

82 Reviews

Magnolia Coin Laundry, offers customers a convenient and dependable method to wash their clothing.

Boasting various washing machines and dryers available, Magnolia Coin Laundry makes an ideal spot for quick laundry needs or large items which cannot be washed at home.

They stands out among laundromats by providing customers with a diverse selection of machines front-loading and top-loading washing machines are offered alongside large capacity ones that can accommodate large loads.

6. The Neighborhood Laundry

78 Reviews

Neighborhood Laundry is an award-winning self-service laundromat known for its clean facilities, convenient location and affordable prices.

They provide high-quality equipment to make your laundry experience as quick and efficient as possible.

There is an assortment of washing machines ranging from small to large that are equipped to accommodate loads of all sizes.

Plus there are cutting-edge dryers designed to ensure clothes emerge dry and wrinkle-free.

7. Burbank Laundry

131 Reviews

Burbank Laundry is an exceptional laundry facility, providing comprehensive laundry services tailored to suit the diverse needs of its clientele.

They boasts state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your laundry is thoroughly cleaned and dried to meet your expectations.

Furthermore, our machines are regularly serviced to maintain reliability and efficiency guaranteeing top-quality laundry services each time you visit.

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