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Best Laundromat Near Middletown

5 Best Laundromat Near Middletown, NY

If you live in Middletown, New York and are in need of somewhere to wash your clothing, laundromats offer an efficient solution.

Laundromats provide coin-operated machines to allow users to self-service laundry facilities where you can wash and dry clothing quickly if you do not own one or have large loads that need to be completed quickly.

There are  the Best Laundromat Near Middletown, NY that offering laundry services here we explore what options may be available.

Best Laundromat Near Middletown, NY

1. Wash Co.

32 Reviews

Wash Co is a premier provider of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Their team of experienced professionals utilize cutting-edge equipment and tools to complete each job to the highest standard, from pressure washing and window cleaning to gutter clearing and roof maintenance services offering everything you need to keep your property looking its best.

It has set itself apart from its competition by its commitment to using eco-friendly products and practices, such as biodegradable cleaning solutions or recycling waste materials.

2. Ship Shape Laundromats

4 Reviews

Ship Shape Laundromats has become a favorite destination for residents looking for high-quality laundry services.

By consistently offering these top-of-the-line services at reasonable rates, they have quickly become a go-to spot in town for laundry needs.

They offers more than traditional washers and dryers they also provide drop-off laundry services.

Customers can bring in their laundry and have it washed, dried, and folded without ever having to lift a finger themselves.

With quick turnaround times and competitive pricing this service makes life simpler for busy individuals who don’t have time or ability to manage their own laundry tasks.

3. Chester Plaza Laundromat

9 Reviews

Chester Plaza Laundromat is an established and reliable laundry service provider, known for its modern equipment and friendly staff.


For easy and efficient laundry needs in Middletown and the surrounding areas, look no further than Chester Plaza Laundromat!


Their cutting-edge equipment is one of its hallmarks, with modern washers and dryers that can efficiently manage large loads of laundry.


All machines are regularly maintained to ensure optimal operation, with multiple sizes to meet different customer requirements.

4. North Street Laundry Mat

1 Reviews

North Street Laundry is an established and reliable laundromat that has long been serving its community, offering services tailored to meet both residential and commercial customer needs.

Customers can visit this facility 7 days a week to drop off and collect their laundry at times that best suit them.

North Street Laundry provides a range of laundry services, from self-service washing and drying, wash and fold and dry cleaning.

Self-service options are perfect for customers who prefer doing their laundry themselves while the wash and fold service offers professional assistance in managing this task.

5. Scotchtown Laundromat

8 Reviews

Scotchtown Laundromat provides Middletown locals with a convenient and reliable option for washing and drying their clothes, featuring high-quality washing and drying machines and various amenities.

Washing machines are specially-built to handle loads of all sizes from small loads such as clothing or blankets, up to bulkier items like comforters.

They offers high-quality equipment, as well as various amenities that make the laundry experience more convenient and pleasurable for customers.

Open 7 days a week from early morning until late at night, it allows customers to easily fit a laundry session into their busy schedules while providing free Wi-Fi.

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