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Best Coin Laundry Services Near Me in San Diego

8 Best Coin Laundry Services Near Me in San Diego, CA [Review]

Coin laundry facilities provide convenient and cost-effective methods of doing your laundry in San Diego, California.

Also known as laundromats, coin laundries offer self-service facilities where customers can use coin-operated machines to wash and dry their clothing quickly and efficiently.

Best Coin Laundry Services Near Me in San Diego, CA offer convenient ways of taking care of laundry needs without incurring the added expenses associated with owning their own washer/dryer system.

Best Coin Laundry Services Near Me in San Diego, CA

1. Lemon Grove Coin Laundry

58 Reviews

Lemon Grove Coin Laundry just a short distance away from San Diego, is an established laundromat that provides its customers with a comprehensive list of services and amenities that make them the ideal stop when in need of clean laundry.

Boasting numerous washers and dryers, customers are sure to find machines suitable for their laundry needs at this laundromat.

They offers Free WiFi makes catching up on work or streaming favorite shows easier while waiting for their laundry to finish, plus there is TV, vending machines, comfortable seating areas and vending machines all located within its facility.

2. The Laundry Basket

35 Reviews

Joe’s Laundry Basket has long been recognized as an exceptional laundry service provider by both residents and local business.

They offers an extensive variety of services designed to meet the diverse needs of their customers in San Diego.

From washing and folding, to dry cleaning and more Joe’s Laundry Basket provides everything necessary to keep clothes looking their best.

Joe’s Laundry Basket recognizes that your time is valuable, which is why they provide quick and efficient services.

3. Posh Wash Laundry

176 Reviews

Posh Wash Laundry is an exceptional laundromat that provides top-of-the-line laundry services to both residential and commercial customers alike.

There are washers and dryers of various sizes to meet all of your laundry needs from delicates to bulky items Posh Wash Laundry has got it covered.

They offers an impressive lineup of equipment and a comprehensive suite of laundry services designed to meet all of your specific needs.

They offer drop-off laundry service for busy individuals who don’t have time to do their laundry themselves, wash-and-fold service is also available for customers who prefer having their clothing washed, dried and folded professionally for customers.

4. U City Coin Wash

168 Reviews

UCity Coin Wash is an efficient and dependable laundry facility located in San Diego, California. 

With its bright and clean interior offering a welcoming ambiance, making this an ideal spot to do laundry.

They boasts state-of-the-art washers and dryers that can accommodate laundry loads of any size, from small loads to larger items like comforters or blankets. Their machines are maintained and serviced regularly to ensure optimal functioning.

5. Wash N Go Laundry

249 Reviews

Wash N Go Laundry in San Diego is a top-of-the-line laundromat offering state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding customer service, making them an excellent choice for all of your laundry needs.

Their self-service options make laundry an effortless experience. Their laundromat provides high-quality washers and dryers in various sizes to accommodate loads ranging from small to extra large, meaning all your laundry can be completed at once. 

They offers various amenities to make your experience pleasant and convenient, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, ample seating space and TV entertainment.

6. Super Wash 'n Dry Laundromat

77 Reviews

Super Wash N Dry Laundromat has long been recognized and respected in San Diego for providing efficient and reliable laundry services to the local community.

They facilities feature state-of-the-art machines and equipment capable of processing fabrics of different fabrics and sizes, offering customers multiple washing and drying options tailored to meet their individual needs.

They offers customers convenient service with 24-hour opening hours and well-lit waiting areas so that their clothes can be washed and dried smoothly. Customers can drop off and collect their laundry at any time they please day or night.

7. Launderland

56 Reviews

Their machines are high quality and reliable – designed to effectively remove even the toughest stains. Customers can select their ideal machine by size.

Their dryers also boast cutting-edge features like temperature controls and auto shutoff timers giving us a competitive advantage in providing customers with quality laundry care services.

Their drop-off service allows customers to leave their laundry with staff members to be washed and dried this option is especially popular among busy professionals who do not have time for laundry themselves.

8. Serra Mesa Laundry & Cleaners

56 Reviews

Serra Mesa Laundry and Cleaners is an esteemed laundry and dry cleaning service provider located in San Diego, CA.

Their team is committed to providing exceptional service with care and attention paid to every detail.

Their attentive staff takes great pride in exceeding customers’ expectations by using modern techniques for washing and cleaning a wide array of fabrics and materials.

Whether that means your favorite sweater being cleaned, your business attire pressed or your comforter being laundered, Serra Mesa Laundry and Cleaners has you covered with ease.

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