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Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Salem

6 Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Salem, NH [Review]

Salem  is an active town full of bustling businesses and services catering to residents and visitors alike.

One essential service offered in Salem that many require is dry cleaning for professional attire or special events both convenient and effective ways of keeping clothes looking their best.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at some of Salem’s premier Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Salem, NH to help find one that best meets your needs whether residing or visiting this town be it.

Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Salem, NH

1. Jeanie's Dry Cleaners

11 Reviews

Jeanie’s Dry Cleaners of Salem is an established dry cleaning service provider located in Oregon’s Salem city. Their years of experience make them a go-to provider for those in search of top-quality dry cleaning solutions.

They uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide your garments with top-quality cleaning service, with their highly trained professionals paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they look like brand new when returned back to you.

They goes beyond traditional dry cleaning services to offer customers a comprehensive one-stop-shop for garment care needs. Services provided include shirt laundering, wedding gown preservation, leather cleaning and alteration.

2. Royal Cleaners

5 Reviews

Royal Cleaners has long been recognized as a premier dry cleaning and laundry services provider within their community.

Their team is dedicated to providing each client with an unmatched level of satisfaction. Understanding that every garment or textile requires special consideration.

They provide dry cleaning, laundry services, alterations, wedding gown preservation and shoe repair as part of its services.

They also offer pickup and delivery services to make this service as simple and hassle free as possible for clients.

3. Salem Laundry

13 Reviews

Salem Laundry is an established laundry facility known for providing customers with comprehensive laundry solutions tailored to both individuals and businesses alike.

They stands out among other facilities by its diverse array of washing and drying machines. They offers several laundry services including wash and fold, dry cleaning and alteration.

Their wash and fold service allows customers to bring in their dirty clothing for cleaning before picking it back up clean, folded and ready for pick up.

4. Anton's Cleaners

6 Reviews

Anton’s Cleaners is an expert dry cleaning and laundry services provider, boasting years of experience. Their experienced professionals use cutting-edge cleaning technology and eco-friendly solutions to ensure that garments and textiles are cleaned thoroughly and effectively.

In addition, they also offer wedding gown preservation, leather/suede cleaning as well as alteration/repair services.

They understands the importance of convenience, which is why they provide multiple drop-off and pick-up locations throughout Salem and its surroundings.

In addition to offering home delivery service so your clothes can be returned when it is most convenient for you.

5. Chez Leon Tailoring & Cleaners

58 Reviews

Chez Leon Tailoring and Cleaner offers premier tailoring and dry cleaning services at reasonable rates. Over their many years of experience in the industry, they have developed a stellar reputation for offering exceptional services at highly affordable rates.

They specialize in tailoring and altering for all kinds of clothing suits, dresses, pants and jackets alike offering expert alterations that guarantee perfect fits every time.

Their experienced tailors work closely with customers to make sure that each garment fits perfectly and looks its best whether that means just hems or complete makeovers of outfits, Chez Leon has what it takes to deliver results you desire.

6. Joshua’s Tailors & Dry Cleaners

10 Reviews

Joshua’s Tailor and Dry cleaners is an established clothing care service provider with the mission to deliver top-of-the-line, reliable services to their customers at competitive rates.

They knowing that every piece of clothing requires individual care, their team of experienced professionals takes extra steps in handling every garment to guarantee it returns in excellent condition back to its owner.

Their dry cleaning services are second-to-none, using cutting-edge equipment and premium solutions for stain, odor and dirt removal on various fabrics.

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