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Best Dry Cleaning near Stony Brook

7 Best Dry Cleaning near Stony Brook, NY

Dry cleaning involves using chemical solvents instead of water to cleanse clothing and fabrics, providing for an environmentally-friendly process that saves both money and resources. 

No matter if you are a busy professional, student, or simply someone looking for clothes care solutions Stony Brook offers various dry cleaning options which can accommodate you.

In this article we will review Best Dry Cleaning near Stony Brook, NY to help find one which meets your specific requirements.

Best Dry Cleaning near Stony Brook, NY

1. Rosies Tailoring

16 Reviews

Rosie’s Tailoring has earned a stellar reputation among Stony Brook residents for years with its high-quality alteration and tailoring services, serving the local community by altering or tailoring clothing professionally altered or tailored.

Their team of expert tailors are committed to providing customers with an exceptional tailoring experience.

Their tailors have experience handling a range of fabrics and styles formalwear, casual wear, bridal gowns as well as simple hemming to complex alterations.

They offers more than traditional alteration services we also specialize in custom tailoring to ensure each garment fits just perfectly.

2. A The No Problem Dry Cleaners / Tailor

1 Reviews

No Problem Dry Cleaners/Tailor is an established business offering an array of dry cleaning and tailoring services in Stony Brook.

They provides comprehensive dry cleaning services, from shirt laundry and dry cleaning to alterations and repairs.

They use only high quality solvents and detergents to guarantee that your clothes come back looking clean, fresh, and without any stains or odors.

At their tailoring services, their expert tailors provide outstanding services that include alteration and repairs of any kind be it hemming pants to fixing zippers to resizing clothing quickly and efficiently.

3. Pink Cleaners

4 Reviews

Pink Cleaners is a professional cleaning services provider offering comprehensive solutions to individuals and businesses throughout Stony Brook, New York.

They offers highly trained and experienced cleaning staff who specialize in providing their clients with exceptional cleaning services.

Each member of their team is equipped with modern tools and equipment for efficient completion of tasks efficiently and effectively.

They stands out from other cleaning service providers by their meticulous attention to detail. Understanding that each client has unique cleaning requirements.

4. Royale Dry Cleaners

7 Reviews

Royale Dry Cleaners of Stony Brook is a professional dry cleaning service offering top-of-the-line cleaning solutions to customers throughout Stony Brook and its surrounding communities in New York State.

They provides customers with an unmatched cleaning experience, their staff has years of experience handling various fabrics, ensuring each garment or item is cleaned thoroughly.

They offers dry cleaning, laundry services, alterations and repairs using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products that ensure garments are thoroughly cleaned while also minimizing their environmental footprint.

5. JB Polo Cleaners

1 Reviews

JB Polo Cleaners has become an internationally-recognized and reliable cleaning services provider, known for providing superior dry cleaning and laundry services at an affordable rate.

Their customers can expect exceptional service delivery and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every step of their cleaning process.

They include dry cleaning, laundry services, tailoring/alterations/preserve wedding gown preservation.

Their cutting-edge equipment allows them to effectively handle even the most delicate or complex cleaning jobs with ease, returning every item back in perfect condition to customers.

6. Aida's Dry Cleaners

12 Reviews

Aida’s Dry Cleaners specialize in offering an array of services, such as dry cleaning, alteration and repairs.

Their state-of-the-art equipment and methods guarantee your clothing is thoroughly and safely cleaned plus they provide same day services if urgent cleaning services are required.

Their dedication and attention to customer satisfaction. Their staff takes great care when handling delicate fabrics and removing any stains.

Furthermore, they have highly-trained staff available who can offer advice on how best to care for and maintain them so that your clothes look their best for longer.

7. Sister Dry Cleaners

3 Reviews

Sister Dry Cleaners staff is committed to ensuring customers receive only the highest-quality dry cleaning services.

Their experienced and skilled professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative cleaning technologies to ensure each garment and item is professionally cleaned with great care. Whether it be suits, dresses, jackets or shirts Sister Dry Cleaners Stony Brook can do it all!

They provides more than traditional dry cleaning services in addition to offering laundry, alterations, and repairs services.

Their team recognizes that each garment and item requires individual care and treatment, so they aim to offer customized customer care so all their customer’s needs can be fulfilled.

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