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Best Places to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling

4 Best Places to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling [Updated 2023]

Bonaire is renowned for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities, attracting snorkelers from around the world. With its warm tropical climate, calm waters, and impressive coral reef system, it’s no wonder that Bonaire is often referred to as the “Diver’s Paradise.” However, snorkelers can also relish the island’s underwater treasures and vibrant marine life without the need for scuba gear.

Choosing the right place to stay in Bonaire will enhance your snorkeling experience and provide you with easy access to the best snorkeling spots.

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Best Place to Stay in Bonaire for Snorkeling

  1. Bonaire
  2. Kralendijk
  3. Sorobon
  4. Lac Bay

1. Bonaire: The Snorkeler’s Haven

Bonaire boasts an extraordinary marine environment and has been designated as a Marine Protected Area, ensuring the preservation of its delicate ecosystem. The island is renowned for its exceptional water clarity, offering snorkelers unparalleled visibility to explore the colorful coral reefs and an abundance of marine species. The best time to visit Bonaire for snorkeling is during the dry season, from April to September when the waters are calm and clear.

2. Kralendijk: A Vibrant Snorkeling Hub

Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, is a popular choice for snorkelers due to its proximity to fantastic snorkeling sites. The coastlines near Kralendijk are teeming with marine life, making it an ideal base for snorkelers. From here, you can easily access popular snorkeling spots like Te Amo Beach and Bachelor’s Beach, where you’ll encounter vibrant coral formations and an array of tropical fish.

Kralendijk A Vibrant Snorkeling Hub

3. Sorobon: Tranquility and Underwater Wonders

If you prefer a more serene and secluded experience, Sorobon is an excellent choice. Located on the eastern side of Bonaire, Sorobon offers a tranquil setting and access to Lac Bay, a pristine lagoon with shallow waters. Snorkelers can explore the seagrass beds and encounter sea turtles, rays, and various juvenile fish species. The calm and shallow nature of Lac Bay makes it an ideal spot for beginners and families.

4. Lac Bay: A Snorkeler’s Paradise

Lac Bay is a snorkeler’s paradise and one of the must-visit locations in Bonaire. It is home to the Bonaire National Marine Park, which boasts an impressive coral reef teeming with diverse marine life. Snorkelers can swim alongside colorful fish, and graceful sea turtles, and even encounter rare species like seahorses. The crystal-clear waters and the abundance of underwater wonders make Lac Bay a top choice for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Other Accommodation Options

Apart from Kralendijk, Sorobon, and Lac Bay, there are several other areas in Bonaire that offer great snorkeling opportunities. The southern part of the island, including Belnem and Kralendijk South, provides easy access to renowned snorkeling sites like Andrea I and Salt Pier. These sites are known for their vibrant coral formations and the presence of larger marine species such as tarpon and barracudas.

Tips for Snorkeling in Bonaire

  1. Respect the marine environment: Avoid touching or damaging the coral reefs and refrain from feeding or harassing marine life.
  2. Snorkel with a buddy: It is always safer and more enjoyable to snorkel with a partner.
  3. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun: Apply sunscreen, wear a rash guard, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated under the Caribbean sun.
  4. Choose the right snorkeling equipment: Invest in a quality mask, snorkel, and fins to enhance your snorkeling experience.
  5. Follow local regulations: Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the Bonaire National Marine Park to ensure the preservation of the marine ecosystem.


Bonaire offers a truly remarkable snorkeling experience with its breathtaking coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and stunning underwater landscapes. Whether you choose to stay in Kralendijk, Sorobon, or explore other areas of the island, you’ll be immersed in a world of natural beauty and tranquility. Snorkeling in Bonaire is an opportunity to connect with nature, explore hidden treasures beneath the waves, and create lifelong memories.


Can I rent snorkeling equipment in Bonaire?

Yes, there are various dive shops and water sports centers where you can rent snorkeling equipment.

Are there guided snorkeling tours available in Bonaire?

Absolutely! You can join guided snorkeling tours to explore the best snorkeling spots with the help of experienced guides.

Are there any restrictions on snorkeling in Bonaire?

Bonaire has regulations in place to protect its marine environment. It is important to follow these rules and respect the fragile ecosystem.

What is the average water temperature in Bonaire?

The water temperature in Bonaire ranges from 78°F (25.5°C) to 84°F (29°C), making it comfortable for snorkeling throughout the year.

Can I snorkel at night in Bonaire?

Night snorkeling is not permitted in Bonaire to ensure the safety of snorkelers and the protection of the marine environment.

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